donna2008_baileys_sWhile earning an accounting degree from The University of Missouri (MIZZOU), I continued to indulge my life-long love of creating. Whether decorating houses, doing crafts, or painting, I have always nurtured my soul through creative outlets.

I have now spent a few years refining my skills in making jewelry, and it has become my passion. The opportunity to create unique pieces for individual tastes is a constant motivation. Traveling extensively throughout the US and Europe, I try to bring the individuality of the regions I’ve discovered to my designs. It also affords me the opportunity to make contacts and source components from virtually everywhere in the world to insure an ever-evolving specialty of designs, using the highest quality of silver, stones and beads.

Little did my family know that my business would become a part of their lives. Whether it was helping me set up tents, haul jewelry, man booths, promote my company, or just keep me encouraged, their support and understanding has meant the world to me. I would like to give a special thanks to my husband, my two sons, my parents, my sister and my mentors in Dallas, who inspire me every time we talk.

I hope you take part in my journey and enjoy the opportunities of Firenza Designs!